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In April 1942 the Washington Brethren Church was organized with seventy-six charter members.

  • The Reverend J. Ray Klingensmith was called to serve as the temporary pastor until Clarence S. Fairbanks became Pastor in the fall of 1942.
  • While meeting at Friendship House on South Carolina Avenue, S.E., the congregation secured the property at 3140 Q Street, S.E.
  • 1948 December 12 – The basement unit of the present church building was constructed and dedication services were held.
  • Clarence S. Fairbanks- Served as pastor from 1942 to November 1952. 
  •  In 1952 Pastor Fairbanks resigned to go to the First Brethren Church in Ashland, Ohio.
  • 1952 – 1956 – J. Ray Klingensmith returned to us.
  • 1956 – 1962- Dr.  Joseph R. Schultz became pastor. In 1957 a sanctuary unit was added to the basement building, providing adequate seating for worship and more space for teaching.
  • 1957 – The Sanctuary was first used, membership stood at 175.
  •  1958 March 16 – The Sancturary was dedicated.
  • 1962 – Dr. Shultz was called to become Dean of Ashland Theological Seminary.  Jerry Flora was named the new pastor of the church. Over the next several years the church was blessed with several pastors including Reverend Archie Nevins and Reverend John Mills.  Membership was at 282, but as years went by, the members grew older, the children in the congregation drifted away and the elders retired and/ or passed away leaving only a faithful few to keep the church doors open.
  • Those faithful few included Deacon Helen Cooksey and the late Deacon Bill Cooksey, the late Jim Gatling and his wife, the late Bernice Williams.
  • 1992 October – Reverend Rickey Bolden became pastor. New life was breathed in the Washington Brethren Church. One by one, God brought lost souls and other saints who were looking for a church home where they would learn to grow in Christ.
Ongoing Bible Study and Christian Awareness classes were established and brought new insight into what God requires of us and why He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins.  The Washington Brethren Church, once thought to have outlived its usefulness, grew in spirit and truth as the members learned how to recognize and to use their many gifts and talents for the Lord.
  • 1993 – present – God has blessed us with faithful members who have dedicated themselves to various ministries that include the Deacon, Usher and Trustee Boards, Finance Committee, Greeters, Kitchen Committee, Choirs (Joyful Voices for Christ, Joyful Spirits, Children’s Choir, The Mass Choir, and Men of Faith), Small Group Ministries (RAW, Skit, On-I-Accord, and Worship Relationship), and Teachers for(New Membership, Sunday School, Bible Study, Money and Time Management).  In addition to its in-house ministries, the church is involved in the outreach ministry with the Southeast White House, Falls Church Epicopal, and Randle Highlands Elementary School as well as other churches in the community.  As a result of its new life and direction, the congregation decided in 1994 to change its name from the Washington Brethren Church to Southeast Christian Fellowship (SECF).
  • October 2001 – Reverend Dr. Rickey Bolden resigned as pastor of SECF.  Despite Pastor Bolden’s resignation, the congregation continued to worship and to keep sacred the overall mission and vision of the Church.
  •  2002 July – Reverend Curtis L. Staley became interim pastor.
  • July 2003 –  Reverend Curtis L. Staley became pastor.  Since his installation, we have established a scholarship fund, a Youth and Young Adult choir and had much needed renovations and repairs completed on our church building among other wonderful accomplishments.  We are forever grateful for what God is doing and will continue to do through Southeast Christian Fellowship, and we thank Him for his faithfulness to us these past years.
  • April 2015 – Reverend Curtis L. Staley resigned as Pastor of SECF, who answer the call to go back to his home church.
  • Pastor Brian Wade became pastor of SECF in July 2016.
  • September 2018 –  Brian Wade resigned as Pastor of SECF, who answer the call to go back to his home church.