(based on guidelines issued by District of Columbia) Capacity: 10**
Reopen date: June 14, 2020
Online service will continue to be available. 

Must remain at a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times.

• Must follow the direction of the ushers or staff to enter building in a staggered and safe manner.

• Must wear a face covering or mask at all times. (Non-medical masks will also be available at the Church)

• Optional to wear gloves at all times. (Latex gloves will also be available at the Church)

• No one will be allowed in the building without face covering.

• Sanitizer in non-touch dispensers will be available at several locations in the vestibule and throughout the Church.

• Must submit to a non-touch digital body temperature check upon entering the Church, and before being allowed in the sanctuary.

• Seating areas will be designated and labelled which adhere to the 6 foot social distance requirement. Sit only in these designated spots. Bibles and hymnals will be removed from the pews.

• Speakers and choir members will be given designated microphones and must stand in labelled positions when speaking/performing.

• Offerings/Tithes should continue to be made by mail or online.

• When using the restrooms, members must exercise every precaution to remain distanced, wash their hands, then use the sanitizer before re-entering the sanctuary.

• The Fellowship Hall and areas in the basement other than the restrooms will be closed.

• Members will exit the building using the front door or the door to the left in the front of the sanctuary.

NOTES: **Church will be thoroughly sanitized.