OUR       NEW       PASTOR     
Pastor Elder Derrick Hammiel          “A Servant of Jesus Christ”

            Elder Derrick Hammiel has a tremendous passion for God’s word coupled with a love for God’s people.  Born into a family and tradition of pastoral Christian leaders, Derrick gained a true passion and appreciation for ministry at a young age.  Driven by a mission to preach to the world and equip individuals for Kingdom living, he feels a true connection with God and the universal church believing that his own life’s mission is to share his gift with others.

Elder Derrick accepted the called to the ministry at the age of 14. Elder Derrick began his ministry as an evangelist and a singer, sharing the gospel in cities throughout the east coast of the United States of America and London, England. Elder Derrick Hammiel is a compassionate minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, with over 20 years of successful ministry. He clearly loves the Lord and model a Christ-like life style, having a robust personal faith characterized by the daily study of scripture, prayer and the outward fruit of one who is Spirit‐filled. His vision is uncompromisingly clear, with one central principle; to build and develop a kingdom of empowered people for God.

Elder Derrick Hammiel married the love of his life, the incomparable Dr. Nichelle Hammiel. God blessed them with three beautiful, intelligent, and God fearing daughters (Zykirah, Arriyah, and Oliviyah ).  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Liberty University and a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Georgetown University. He stands on the word; his mother wrote on his backpack in elementary school, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! (Phil.4:13)

“Praise Ye The Lord!”