SouthEast Christian Fellowship (SECF) is a member of The Brethren Church.
The Brethren Church is a Christian denomination which was formally formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1883, emerging from the Brethren movement beginning in Germany in 1708.
The Ashland branch of the Brethren church has over 100 churches through out the United States and all over the world, and has its national office in Ashland,Ohio. 
SECF is the only predominantly African-American congregation in the denomination.  Churches are supported by Regions and Clusters.The Brethren doctrine centers on Jesus Christ as the living Word of God. 
Its mission is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ who, united in Christ, embrace and reflect God’s love and live in the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
” The principle ordinances of the Brethren Church are Baptism by triune; confirmation by the Laying on of Hands; the Three-Fold Communion service consisting of the love feast, the eucharist (bread and cup), and washing of the feet; and Anointing of Oil. 
These ordinances are practiced by SECF. The Washington Brethren Church opened its doors in 1948 at 3140 Q Street, SE Washington, after moving from 7th & D Streets, SE.  Services were conducted inn the basement, now known as the Cooksey Fellowship Hall, until 1958 when the Ashland Church financed the building of the sanctuary and upper level offices and spaces.
The church has been blessed with several great pastors over the years.  Under the guidance of a new pastor (in 1992), which resulted in a new life and direction,the church changed its name to Southeast Christian Fellowship in 1994.  The church celebrated its 27th anniversary in November 2019.
SECF’s current active ministries and programs include Adult Sunday School,Prayer Service and Bible Study, Music, Dance, Ushers, and Women’s ministries,On-One-Accord (small group ministry), and Outreach.